Who’s afraid of Alzheimer’s?

I am!

Truth be told, until recently, I was Scared Shitless.

Two years ago, I realized that I was no longer able to remember my dreams. I started consciously trying to remember them. Nothing. Nada.

When I was younger, in my 30’s, I took lecithin, a fat derived from soybeans, to heighten my dream experience. It worked really well back then. So, I bought a non-GMO bottle and started taking it again. I would wake with hazy images, but that was it – nothing like the clear from-beginning-to-end dreamscapes of my 30’s, or even the more calm dreams of my 40’s.

I didn’t tell anyone. I was scared.

My paternal grandfather and my father both passed from complications of dementia. I look a lot more like my dad than I do like my mom. We are genetically similar.

What if this was one of the first signs? What would the next one be? I felt like I had one foot on a slippery downhill slope.

Finally, after months of worry, I told my closest friend and made her promise that she would tell me if she thought I was starting to “lose it”. I also talked to her about getting my genome mapped just to see. She advised against it.

So I got my genome mapped. I don’t mind very well.

Better to know than not know, right?

I found out I have a 17% higher risk of ending up with dementia than the average person.

I realize that 17% may not seem like that big of a deal – at least it’s not 75%, right?

What that 17% told me was that I probably have genes that, if turned on, will put me on the path to significantly less quality and quantity of life. Trust me, I’ve seen it and it’s not pretty.

Scared. Every time I couldn’t find something, remember someone’s name, was slightly confused or felt unmotivated. Scared.

Needless to say, I did some research. And then I changed some things.

  • I added a bunch more healthy fats to my diet.
  • I started supplementing with even more good fats.
  • I continued to eat lots of vegetables, especially leafy greens.
  • I learned ways to keep my cortisol level in check.
  • I made sure I exercise regularly.

These are the easiest ways to ensure that your brain stays healthy. They don’t require much more than a shift in awareness and a few daily habit changes.

Then, after reading article after article about inflammation being a contributor to Alzheimer’s, and how alkalinity was the key to keeping inflammation out of the body, I started working on ways to keep my body alkaline.

Not easy.

The only way I could get my system to be even close to 7.2 – the benchmark – was to eat a strict diet of vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, and soaked grains and beans. Even a four-ounce portion of chicken would put me back into an acidic state.

Eating this way, the best I could do consistently was 6.8, which is still acidic.

Just FYI – I measure the pH in my body by urinating on a test strip. The brand I use is pH Ion. I get them from Amazon. I have not been able to find pH strips in stores.

There was a huge issue for me with eating this way.

I’m a foodie. I love a great meal, especially if someone else cooks it. I also like meat, the occasional glass of red wine, bubbles to celebrate, cake on my birthday and an eight-ounce double latte once in a while.

This felt like serious self-denial. I was missing out on some of the experiences in life that brought me joy. No more restaurants, meals at other people’s houses (unless I brought my own food), champagne at weddings, not to mention the occasional affogato. Ugh.

Did I want to live a long life without the indulgences I had come to love?

I wasn’t so sure.

There had to be a way to have both. One can only drink so much lemon water.

There was a woman who had been nudging me for the longest time to try a line of alkaline products. To be honest, I didn’t want to try them because they were a “relationship marketing thing” and I didn’t want to go there.

My intuition keep whispering, “Try it”.

I gave in. In November I went by her place, listened to what she had to say and bought one “kit” to try. I was on my way to the cabin in Sun Valley to spend Thanksgiving with my kids. Needless to say, it wasn’t going to be an alkaline food week.

I did the whole protocol every day.

Day 4 I woke up and realized that my elbow didn’t hurt. Crazy! My elbow had been hurting every day since I did the AIDS Ride last June. Some sort of repetitive motion injury that I had been told would heal over time.

This was good and a definite sign that my body was less inflamed.

I didn’t have my strips with me so I couldn’t measure my pH. When I got back to Vegas, my pH was measuring at 7.0 consistently for the first time in possibly ever.

I stuck with it.

And then a miracle happened.

I woke up three weeks ago and I could remember my dreams. Not just one dream, but many.

The next morning it happened again. I didn’t allow myself to get excited.

The third morning, I gave in and acknowledged to myself that I was remembering my dreams consistantly. What a huge flood of relief! I cried. I felt giddy. I got out of bed and danced the dance of joy!

I didn’t tell anyone just in case it was a fluke.

Now it’s time to confess. It’s no fluke. I have remembered my dreams every night since then. And my clarity is better. And my energy is better.

And I am not afraid.

I am confident that I am doing all I can for the health of my brain and confidant that it is working. And, I don’t feel restricted. I can continue to live the mostly healthy, occasionally indulgent, life that I love and maintain an alkaline environment in my body.

A sustainable longterm win-win.

Thank you, SevenPoint2.

A miracle indeed.







P.S. This story is the truth. One I have been hesitating to tell because of the “miracle” nature of it. After long contemplation and journaling, I decided that it would be out of integrity for me, as a health coach, to not share it. Please know that I can’t guarantee anyone else’s results, I can only share mine. If you are searching for pain relief or better clarity, or if this story resonates with you and makes you curious, you can read about the SevenPoint2 products here: http://bit.ly/1hLJyy6

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  1. Dianna Ellis says:

    Very well done Tamara !
    You write well and the page is put together in a very appealing, professional way.
    I am very impressed !
    Congratulations on sharing something so personal.
    I’m sure you will help many with this !

  2. Tamara Cameron says:

    Thank you, Dianna!

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