What’s the Point of Cleansing?

I’ll keep this short.


I know that you’ve heard of cleansing or detoxing before, and you’ve probably wondered, “Why would I do that!?”



Well, here’s why.


A whole foods cleanse, done appropriately, will leave you energized, food addiction free, off caffeine, off sugar (this is IMPORTANT because sugar is SO bad for us) and clear. Clear.


In ten days you get all that. And you get something more. You get to learn to eat healthy and feel what eating healthy feels like in your body. And, chances are, with what you learn and the changes you make, you’ll feel better and live longer.

Take 3 minutes and ask yourself this question – answer it from your heart.


What would feeling better and living longer mean for me?


Would it mean being there for your kids? Seeing more of the world? Volunteering more? Watching your grandkids grow into adults?


Since the next Health Harvest cleanse is Pay What You Can, you have very little to lose and a lot to gain.


Here’s what Gia from San Francisco said about her cleanse experience:

After 10 days–I feel great! Woke up this morning with tons of energy. I am so glad I decided to do this even during school. It was more challenging but manageable, and the way my body feels now is so worth it. I was really in a rut with erratic eating–sometimes good, sometimes bad, lots of gas, sluggishness. I’m looking forward to continuing to eat green! I also want to say that you’re a great coach! I always felt you were right there with me. With all the videos and extras you supplied, it always felt like I was on a “program”, and it kept the motivation going. Thank you!


If you are ready to shift your eating habits, Join me.

We start next Wednesday, February 25th. I’ll send you an guide that is yours to keep and I’ll be there for you all 10 days.

Now is the time!


Here are all the details.







P.S. If you know others who might want to participate, feel free to share this post. I’ll only offer the Pay What You Can Cleanse once this year, so now is the time!

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