As a speaker, I provide educational and interactive seminars and workshops that inspire and motivate people to make healthy choices and have some fun in the process. Seminars and workshops can be from 30 minutes to 3 hours in length. Please contact me with your presentation needs. Fees are available upon request. Please contact me for pricing and availability at 415-745-1651 or tamara@health-harvest.com.

Some of my most popular topics include:

Top 4 Tips for Growing Younger

Did you know that it is possible to Grow Younger?
The body is a process, not an object, and the science proves that Growing Younger is possible. In this interesting and inspiring workshop, discover the 4 things anyone can do now to get long-lasting results for a long, active and happy life. Grow Younger Now.

Eating for Energy

What would your life be like with an abundance of energy and vitality?
In this fun, informative and interactive seminar, Tamara guides attendees through the jungle of which foods are best for all-day optimal energy.

Lower Your Stress Without Changing Your Life

Tamara offers her top 5 stress-reducing secrets. Easy, effective and sustainable over time, these tips don’t cost any money to implement and can be used immediately.

Sweet Seduction ~ Transform Your Crazy Sugar Love Affair!

In this powerful and informative seminar, Tamara takes the audience on a journey to discovering how to shift their sordid love affair with sugar into a healthy loving relationship.

This multi-media presentation is based on the latest scientific research on the negative health effects of sugar as well as the physiological and psychological factors that make sugar such an addictive substance.

Audiences discover:sugar siren

  • Why willpower doesn’t work.
  • Easy ways to shift the sugar habit.
  • The nuiances of their own personal relationship with sugar.
  • The mechanisms of sugar addiction.
  • Sweet, healthy snacks that keep you energized all day.
  • The health risks associated with sugar.
  • How to avoid hidden sugars in food.

Each participant receives a workbook, theirs to keep, containing thought-provoking questions, a healthy snack list, as well as recipes and other information. In addition, with the exercises done throughout the presentation, the workbook serves as a reference to each person’s personal experience and their future commitment around sugar.

Who gets the most out of my talks:

  • Busy, stressed professionals
  • Working moms trying to juggle too much
  • Anyone who could use a little (or a lot of) self-care
  • Solopreneurs and Entrepreneurs