I’m Giving Away The Secret Recipe for Cleansing

There ‘s a shift that happens when the fall comes on. I’m not sure if it’s a smell or the angle of the light or just the shortening days, but I felt the shift last Sunday. I was out for my morning walk and I thought to myself, “Wow. Fall is in the air.”

Fall is one of the two traditional times for cleansing. In the spring we cleanse on greens and early summer vegetables. It’s a refreshing cleanse after the heaviness of winter food. In the fall we cleanse on the bounty of summer! What a delicious joyous celebration!

I want everyone who is interested to be able to cleanse!

A period of cleansing is not only a gift to the body, but also a gift to the soul and an opportunity to spend a few days really “living in”, paying attention to, and caring for, the vessel that is ours in this lifetime.  It is a time to slow down a little and get in touch with the seasonal fresh food supply and how it works perfectly as nourishment.

So why do we cleanse?

You may already know all the reasons for cleansing – if you do, you can skip to the directions below. If not, read on.

While detoxification is a natural function of the body, the detoxification process can become stagnant when our bodies get overloaded with toxins.

Toxins are unavoidable in our world these days and they end up in our bodies even if we are careful. There are the pesticides and herbicides that are on the fresh food we eat; the chemicals that we inhale when we clean our houses; off-gassing from new carpet or paint; or the toxins we breath from car exhaust, roof repair or street work.

Then, add to that, our sometimes not so healthy food and lifestyle choices, including eating processed food, not drinking enough water or not getting enough exercise and we all have some level of toxicity in our bodies.

Toxins in the body cause a variety of negative symptoms including lack of energy, inability to lose weight, acne, lack of ability to concentrate or think clearly, joint and muscle pain, constipation and other digestive problems.

Toxin build up also causes inflammation. Chronic inflammation is responsible for a host of diseases including heart disease, metabolic syndrome, arthritis, lupus, and Alzheimer’s disease to name just a few. There are over 100 diseases caused by inflammation.

All of this is easily avoidable through detoxing or cleansing the body on occasion.

Traditionally, cleansing is done once each spring and fall and focuses on fresh seasonal foods. And, the process is simple, inexpensive and can be done right in your own home. All it takes is clean food, clean water and at least 7 days.

We clean our houses, our cars, our hair and our skin, but often don’t consider cleaning our internal body. Taking a few days to detox gives the digestive system a rest and gives the body a chance to “catch up” on the internal cleaning process.

Really, though, the best reason to spend some time cleansing is it makes us feel GREAT! We get to experience what running on our own internally generated energy feels like. You’ll experience less aches and pains, increased clarity, clearer skin and a myriad of other positive shifts. And you’ll shed a few pounds.

Here is The Secret Recipe for Cleansing:

The easiest way to detox the body is with a fresh, seasonal, whole-food cleanse.

Here’s what you eat:

  • Fresh seasonal vegetables
  • Fresh seasonal fruits
  • Soaked brown rice and beans
  • A little healthy oil (olive or coconut) with each meal
  • Raw nuts are OK (no seeds)
  • Your favorite herbs & spices

Soaked rice and beans? Here’s why – rice and beans are both seeds. If you soak them for 24 hours before you cook them, they shift, chemically. As they start to sprout, they become a ph neutral food rather than an acidic food.

Shop at your local farmers’ market – the produce will last all week!

The other extremely important part of the cleansing process is drinking plenty of water – at least 60 to 80 ounces each day – to keep the toxins flushing from your body.

Keep the ratio of raw to cooked about 50/50 if possible. If you aren’t really about raw food and it makes you feel cold inside, more cooked is just fine.

Here’s what you leave out:

  • No animal products
  • No dairy
  • No sugar
  • No processed foods
  • No alcohol
  • No caffeine

That’s it. Easy stuff, this cleansing is, when you know the secrets.

It takes about seven days to get the first easily-released round of toxins out of the body. If you want to continue after the 7 days – believe me, you’ll feel like a Superhero – up to 21 days is fine.

If you start a detox of any kind and you start to feel weak or nauseated, experience a headache or achiness, these are all symptoms of toxin release. Although it may seem counterintuitive, you definitely want to continue to keep your body in an alkaline state. In other words, stick with it, until these symptoms pass. You don’t want the toxins that have been released to just resettle in your body. You want to get rid of them!

And, just a reminder, I’m not a doctor. We all cleanse, by eating nature’s bounty, at our own risk.

So there you have it: the complete recipe for a whole-foods-based cleanse. It’s pretty simple, actually.

If this process seems daunting, you’ve never cleansed before or doing it along feels like a drag, you are welcome to join me for the next 10-Day Energy Jumpstart. The fun begins on Wednesday, September 12th. During the Jumpstart we will cleanse for 7 days, as a group. I’ll be cleansing right along with everybody. It will be a fun journey together.

If you have read this far, I know that you are are serious about your health. And, I have an early holiday gift for you! If you use this link, you’ll get a special discount (a savings of 50 dollars) on the September Jumstart.

This is an easy way to learn and to have the support of other like-minded folks while you cleanse. You also get my e-guide that is yours to keep, so you’ll always have access to the instructions, the food list and all the yummy recipes that are included.

I hope that by revealing the Secrets of Cleansing I have given you the inspiration and the tools to keep you on the path to your personal version of optimal health.


Happy Cleansing!







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