4 Week Business Accelerator

Are you bogged down in the details of getting your business started?

Are you confused by all the different social media/software/service options available?

Does pricing wig you out?


Would you like someone – ANYONE – to help you figure out how to put it all together and push it forward in a way that makes sense for you, your heart’s desire, and your life?


That someone you’ve been waiting for is Me!


Let’s start where you are, make a plan and accelerate your business NOW!


Whether you are:

  • Trying to figure out how to find that first paying client

  • Tearing your hair out over how to format and send a better newsletter

  • Still puzzling over how to pick a url and “hook it up” to your webpage

  • Just plain stuck with too dang many ideas in your head

I’ve been there and done that, and I can help.


No matter where you are with your business, if you feel like you are just plodding along, let’s get the abundance energy flowing!

It’s much easier (and FASTER) to have a guide than it is to continue to muddle through.


What will you get?


Real hands-on “OK, here’s what you do next” guidance on how to get things done.


I live by two key paradigms:

“Let’s get it done Now.”


“It’s all Fun & Easy.”


Operating from these core beliefs, I’m going to teach you to FISH – walking you through the “how to’s”, inspiring you, and making it all SO MUCH EASIER.


I have already helped coaches just like you:


  • get off the fence and make decisions

  • pick a business name

  • buy a url

  • forward it to a website

  • setup an opt-in gift

  • format a newsletter and sent it out

  • brainstorm the steps of a 90-day program

  • get the program written

  • create a sales page

  • setup Timetrade

  • Create buttons with Paypal

  • create a marketing plan that works

  • figure out a time management system that makes sense

  • set smart and achievable goals

  • create the business they wanted in the first place

  • Get Unstuck!


AND, it will be FUN. Because, otherwise, why bother?!

Let’s get you, your mindset, and your business – all three – up and running so you can get on with attracting clients and coaching!


How much is the investment?


Here’s the deal – I want you to be able to launch BIG in January – now is the time to get your ducks in a row – before the holidays hit.  And, I want you to recover the investment you make with me and also make a profit with your next (or 1st) client or program.


So, even though you would expect to invest $3,000 or, at a discount, $1,500 for an “all about you and your business” acceleration program,


The investment is only 697.


And, as a special “fast starter” bonus, the first 3 participants will receive my already-done-for-you cleanse program (a $149 value), with an e-guide that is ready for your logo and images, for F*R*E*E.

Because this is a completely individualized and accelerated program, and I want to be able to fully concentrate on you, I am only accepting 6 participants.


Registration is open until November 30th, or until the program fills.


Please note that, due to my business schedule, this is probably a one-time offer. Or, if I do offer it again, chances are it won’t be for 6 months.


I want to ensure that I am the right coach for you. If you would like to participate (or even think you might like to participate, but have questions), please email me directly at tamara@health-harvest.com and answer the following questions:


1. When did you graduate? Or, if you haven’t graduated yet, when will you?

2. Are you, or do you plan to be, a full-time health coach?

3. How many hours each week are you able to devote to business development?

4. What has you stuck right now?


Feel free to include any other relevant information.


After I review your questions, I’ll send you my calendar link so you can book a quick 15-minute conversation with me. On the call we will decide if this program is a fit.


You owe it to yourself to get your business off the ground and flying NOW.


Let’s Launch!