10-Day Energy Jumpstart for Coaches!

Do you wish you had a group cleanse program that you could launch – right now – to take advantage of the end-of-the-year/beginning-of-the-year transition and grow your business before the New Year?


Here’s a chance to learn a cleanse, have the “hard part” done for you, and sell it to your list just in time for the New Year!


Join Tamara Cameron and Kyle Tennyson, both IIN certified health coaches, for the Winter 10-Day Energy Jumpstart for Coaches,

Wednesday, December 4th through Friday, December 13th, and:


Experience the benefits of this whole foods cleanse (listed below)


 Learn the process at a great discount
(save $50)


 Receive the e-guide (in Word or InDesign), ready for your marketing and special touches, as our free gift.


Share the Jumpstart with your clients in early January!

Give yourself and your clients this gift of health for the New Year and put some extra cash in your pocket.

Plus an Extra Fast-Action Bonus! (see below)


The Ten-Day Energy Jumpstart Cleanse is a fun and healthy opportunity to renew your digestive system, increase your energy and focus, and stop unwanted food cravings — without feeling hungry.

It’s a great way for new people to get to know you and a great way to convert them into private coaching clients!

(We will share ALL the details on how to do this!)

The program involves eating fresh, delicious, unprocessed fruits, vegetables, beans and grains. After only ten days, clients often report:

  • Loss of sugar cravings

  • Being totally off caffeine

  • Increased energy

  • Weight loss of up to 5 pounds

  • Loss of brain fog

  • Clearer skin

  • More sense of control over food choices

  • Loss of desire for processed/junk food

  • Rediscovery of what it feels like to be healthy

This special Ten-Day Energy Jumpstart  begins on Wednesday, December 4th and runs through Friday, December 13th.

You will get all the materials and participate along with our clients AND there will be an additional group phone call just for coaches so we can answer all your questions about the cleanse and how to market it.

You will be able to lead your own cleanse with confidence in January!


The investment for this program is $149, but we are discounting it as a holiday gift especially for you!


Join us and take advantage of the special health coach rate of $99!


For more information or to discuss the details of the program, please feel free to contact me – I’m easy to reach at tamara.cameron@gmail.com.


If you’re ready to jump in, register now.


AND, if you register on or before Saturday, November 30th, we’ll throw in ANOTHER Bonus!


~ A 30-minute FREE consultation with either of us – you get to choose – to answer ALL your questions and help you get started with marketing your version of the cleanse.


It all starts December 4th! Join us!



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You’ll love it and you’ll love sharing it with your clients.

Happy Holidays!


What other coaches are saying about the 10-Day Energy Jumpstart:

I have done a number of different cleanses in my days…some that I do not want to repeat. I loved Tamara’s 10-Day Energy Jumpstart program, which included all the guidelines and recipes to support and encourage success. I think one of the most remarkable results my body experienced was feeling significant satisfaction as I fed it nutrient-dense, alkaline foods. I never worried about being hungry. One of the things that I feel allowed compliance and results was being totally prepared ahead of time and having all the right food, tools and information as well as on-going support and encouragement. Tamara is a caring and charismatic coach and finds joy in facilitating health change for her clients. I enjoyed being a recipient of her coaching.

Toni Strand, RN, MA, AADP – Transformational Health & Lifestyle Coach
Tempe, Arizona

Tamara Cameron gave me the ‘Energy Jump Start’ my body needed.  I no longer spend my days wondering what I’m supposed to be doing.  Now, I just get up and enjoy the delicious food that I know is good for me.  And, now I have a complete group program with a guide that I can customize for my niche. I can’t wait to share this easy effective cleanse with my clients!

Joanne Hadjiyane, Health Coach
Wantagh, New York

Tamara is a fantastic, knowledgeable and intuitive health coach. I did her 10-day Jumpstart cleanse and felt profoundly different at the end of the cleanse. I was sleeping better, had a tremendous amount of energy, felt lighter and mentally clear. Tamara was a wealth a knowledge throughout the cleanse and her patience and guidance was a wonderful source of support.

I highly recommend Tamara and am excited to continue my work with her.

Shannon Kerr, Health & Nutrition Coach
Marin, California

FAQs –

Here is some info about the actual process of the 10 days:

What is it REALLY? What is the process like? What will I be doing that I’m not doing now?

You will have the opportunity to shift both your diet and your mindset over the 10 days. It will be all about you learning how to enhance your natural energy through what you choose to eat and what you choose to think. For 7 of the ten days (Days 3-9) you will take on eating a completely alkaline diet, which will allow your body to detox. You will also spend some quality time with you – being kind, and loving who you are. Then, you’ll make choices, based on your cleanse experience, around how you want to eat in the future. And make a commitment to yourself for your future health.

There are group phone calls on Day 1, Day 5, Day 7 (coaches only) and Day 10 at 6:00 p.m. PST/9:00 p.m. EST. If you can’t make the calls, a recording will be posted ASAP after each call so you can listen at your convenience.

There is a private Facebook page all set up and ready to go where we will share our “a-ha’s” and experience with each other.

How much time will it take?

  •  15 to 30 minutes each day for journaling and, or, self-reflection.
  • Up to 45 minutes on days 1, 5, 7 (coaches only) & 10 for the group phone calls (6 p.m. PDT). Calls are recorded and available if you can’t be there live.
  • As much time as you like on the private coaches’ Facebook page.
  • Time for shopping & prepping food – I will talk about shortcuts for food prep on our 1st phone call. Generally I do not spend more than 30 minutes on food prep per day!

How will I feel?

You will feel fine on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday through Sunday you may feel a little low-energy as your body detoxes. Or, you may feel totally lit up! This is why the alkaline diet starts on Friday. So you’ll have Saturday and Sunday to really pay attention and take care of yourself. Detox symptoms vary and are different for each person. Don’t worry – I’ll be there for you.

By Monday you will be feeling good and by Wednesday you will feel fantastic!

As a coach, what will I end up with that I can use in my practice?

  • You will have the same experience you will be able to create for your clients in January of 2014.
  • A 24-page cleanse guide (in Word) ready for your branding and pictures.
  • The exact text for the sales page that Tamara uses in her private practice.
  • A special “coaches only” phone call where you can ask any questions you have about the cleanse, coaching or business.

If you register on or before Saturday, November 30th:

  • A 30 minute private conversation with either Tamara or Kyle that you can book and use anytime!

This Jumpstart is just what YOU, your Business and your Clients need to start the New Year feeling healthy & energized! 

Join us!


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